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You Can Trust On Duty Experts

On Duty Experts has a long history of dedicated customer service and high quality lock and key solutions for your car.

It all started several years ago. On Duty Experts. (562) 242-2060 was established by committed and dedicated locksmiths in California. Since then, Car Locksmith has undergone immense development and growth and turned into the leading car locksmith company in Orange County and its surrounding area. This has been possible thanks to the high quality 24 hour auto locksmith services provided by Car Locksmith and associates as well as the outstanding customer service.

On Duty Experts stand on a different level than any other car locksmith company due to their unique emergency car locksmith services available to the wide public all day, every day!  With the 30 minute technician response time commitment, you can be rest assured that your emergency will be dealt with at first priority. The professional technicians that work with us can take care of any auto locksmith problem you may experience.

Our mission is to set new standards for the auto locksmith industry by committing to quality work, with competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Reliability is a must when it comes to locksmith services. Just like you would not allow strangers to access your vehicle, you should always check your car locksmith provider for licenses and certificates. With On Duty Experts you can have peace of mind. Not only the technicians we work with undergo complete background checks, but they are all fully licensed and certified. You are welcome to navigate to our certificates page to see our licenses and certificates.

Call On Duty Experts 24 hour phone line (562) 242-2060 or keep nearby in case you get locked out and require a quick emergency service.

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