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Chip key Extraction – Reliable, Fast and Competitively Priced

Chip keys, also known as “transponder keys”, are keys with a silicon chip in them which is responsible for sending a correct code to the transponder key system in a vehicles ignition switch. As with regular ignition keys chip keys also have a particular pattern cut into their blades. Cars equipped with transponder key systems (virtually all new cars nowadays) can only be started using keys which have both the right pattern on their blades and a correctly programmed chip. Chip keys do not require a battery, the chip is energized electromagnetically when inserted into the ignition switch.

The Problem

As with any car ignition key a chip key may become worn or damaged in a way that leaves it stuck in the ignition switch. When this happens services of a reliable auto locksmith are required both for extracting the key itself and then providing a replacement which is just as good as the original.
It is possible to extract the chip itself from most chip keys, this chip can then be placed in the replacement key or for programming the chip within it.
Extracting any ignition key requires a professional auto locksmith’s touch, let alone chip keys. On Duty Experts auto locksmith tech’s are all highly trained, experienced professionals who can extract any chip key of any make or model vehicle.

The Solution

When you need a chip key extraction you most probably need it ASAP. On Duty Experts are on call 24/7, 365 days a year, we guarantee a 30 min ETA to anywhere within our coverage area and once on spot will solve the situation for you quicker than any other auto locksmith service provider can.

It is vital that you only let true auto locksmith professionals handle a chip key extraction for you. On Duty Experts are exactly the type of reliable, highly professional outfit you want at your side when you need such a service. When you choose us to perform a chip key extraction you know we will exploit every option to allow you to keep using your old key or to provide you with a copy that’s identical to the original.

To top things off we provide our services at minimal rates. Thanks to our outstanding efficiency and strict honest billing policy you will be hard pressed to find anyone who will charge you less. 

On Duty Experts provide comprehensive auto locksmith services which include:

  • Replacing lost car keys
  • On spot car key duplication (including transponder keys)
  • Ignition key extraction (for keys stuck in ignition switches)
  • Chip key extraction (extracting from ignition switches and extracting the chip from the key itself)
  • Solving any kind of car lockout situation
  • Opening locked car trunks
  • Any other auto locksmith service you may require

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