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Customer Reviews

On Duty Experts are one of the best auto locksmith service providers in and around¬† Long Beach, but don’t take our word for it, here’s a bit of what former clients have to say about us:

“When I discovered the keys to my car were not in my handbag I really felt at a loss, I didn’t know if I’m going to have to leave my car there and take a taxi home or what. Once I called On Duty Expert things where just sorted out as if by magic, I was driving my car away within 40 min from the moment I placed my call!”

Jenny Winfield


“I was just visiting Long Beach and had accidently locked my rental’s keys in the trunk, I was in a hurry and didn’t know how long I’m going to be stuck and whether I should call the rental company. The On Duty Expert’s representative I talked to was very helpful and explained the pros and cons of sending one of their techs over or having the rental company sort it out. I decided to call them in and am glad I did”

Mike Hallway


“My transponder key just plain quit allowing me to switch the engine on, On Duty Experts solved the problem quicker than I thought possible. I don’t know if I could have found someone cheaper but due to the quality of the service I received I am fully content even if I could”

Lisa daily


“There’s little more frustrating than to have a key break in your car’s ignition switch, I just sat there staring at the switch in disbelief! On Duty Experts were fairly quick to get there (about 35 – 40 min) but then extracted the broken key so fast I couldn’t believe it”

James Bahn


“I got real upset with my son when he told me he had lost his set of keys to my wife’s car (a 2012 Honda Accord) since it’s one with a chip in it (a “transponder” key) I was sure it’s going to be a Hassel (not to mention expensive) to replace.¬† A friend of mine recommended On Duty Experts and I found their service every bit as good as he said, they came over and made a new key (duplicated off of my wife’s original) which seems to be every bit as good as the one my son lost, it was not cheap but not as expensive as I was afraid it would be”

Alex Vanek

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