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As technology evolves things get ever more complicated. What was once simple and could be done on one’s own is nowadays much more complicated and often requires the intervention of professionals. Today, even cars are much more complex entities of intertwined metal and technology, hardware and software. As this is the case, so do cars’ parts, mechanisms and even locks get increasingly sophisticated. However, sophistication can sometime come back to bite you.

The helplessness some people feel while frantically pressing their car’s remote control, trying to unlock their car but only managing to get the neighborhood dogs on a frenzy by sounds we can’t even hear, can be easily compared to the feelings that might arise within a fly trying to leave a room through a closed window. The way seems clear enough, you know exactly what you should be doing, but all you get is repeatedly crashing head on into a wall.

On Duty Experts – your way out (in)!

Luckily enough, just a phone call away, there’s a whole crew of extremely trained, certified and experienced car doctors, or technicians as some prefer to call them, eager to get you out of the mud.

Modern car sport an advanced security system which requires the presence of a uniquely programmed transponder chip in your car keys in order to start your car. Whenever your switchblade car keys won’t work or won’t even unlock your car, switchblade key reprogramming is probably what you need. Since, as we’ve mentioned before, key reprogramming is very delicate and can cause more harm than good when performed by the untrained hand, it should, and even must, be done by professionals only. Since cars’ systems and computers are very advanced they’re also very sensitive to what they may deem as foul play. You should also bear in mind that visiting your local dealership can be a costly affair and even put you at risk of getting slapped with a forced labor law suit by your aching wallet.

Got yourself locked out of your car? In need of a switchblade key reprogramming? On Duty Experts have dealt with countless situations like the one you’re in before. All you’ve got to do is pick up the phone. Within an astonishing 30 minutes we’ll be there, right beside you, ready to take over and provide you with the solution you’re desperate for.

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