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Long Beach Area Chip Key Activation

As a driver, one of the worst things that can happen is for your keys to fail you. Whether it’s that you’ve lost your car keys, your transponder or chip key isn’t working, or the key was damaged somehow and it won’t turn in the ignition, when you don’t have your keys in good working order, you can’t go anywhere. So what do you do? You can call On Duty Experts. We offer all kinds of services from Long Beach area chip key activation to open trunk services. With our professional services offered 24/7 and our guaranteed 30 minute ETA, we’ll show you the best in quality customer service for car locksmith services.

Chip Key

Your chip key for your car can be a finicky thing sometimes. Chip keys contain particularly sensitive radio frequency (RF) transmissions that are programmed to connect your chip key directly to your car. When it’s working properly, your chip key will tell your vehicle to lock or unlock the doors and openings of your vehicle (car doors, windows, trunk door, etc). However, sometimes these have issues because they do use very sensitive RF waves to communicate with your vehicle. If anything has set them even slightly off, you will not be able to get into your car from the outside. Your best indication that something is wrong is the lack of a beep when you press down on the chip key – if there’s no sound, then you’ve got a problem and you need professional help. In emergency situations like this, you need On Duty Experts to come your way and help you gain access to your car. We’ll also repair or replace your chip key to prevent it from happening again.

Your Best Help

Your best help in this situation is calling us at On Duty Experts. We’re professional locksmith providers who know what we’re doing in this business, and we don’t charge you a fortune for it like a car dealership would. Nobody likes going to a car dealership anyway, especially because they charge you an arm and a leg. They charge for labor and may take a day or two or more to fix the chip key. But with us at On Duty Experts chip key activation is an on-the-spot job. We will travel right to your location and we will fix your problem right then and there. Our professional team of locksmith technicians know all there is to know about chip key activation and any other car locksmith service, so no matter what you need, you can count on us to help you out with the best service and the best rates.

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